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Welcome!July 2013 Benedictine Sisters of Mother of God Monastery

We are a community of Benedictine women known as Mother of God Monastery of Watertown, South Dakota.


Check us out and get to know us better by moving through these pages of information about our community. If you’re in the area, come join us for daily mass!





Sisters Serve Watertown Banquet

 Mother of God Monastery Serving Watertown Banquet 2014
Watertown Banquet
The Benedictine Sisters of Mother of God Monastery served the Watertown Banquet this past Monday. 
The Watertown Banquet is held each week at Grace Lutheran Church and a different volunteer group provides, prepares and serves the Banquet to anyone – “regardless of economic status, race, or creed”.  The Watertown Banquet was founded to provide one nourishing meal each week to the Watertown community. Volunteer groups have included businesses, churches, youth groups, schools, and service organizations. 
Check out the Watertown Banquet’s FB page for more about them or to get in contact with them.  





Upcoming Event: Spirituality Workshops

2_Spirituality Offerings_October 2014Mother of God Monastery’s Spirituality Center is offering three weekend workshops during the month of October! 
For more information and dates of these events, check out the Spirituality Offerings page.